What is the SwiftReg Affiliate Marketing Program?

It is an incentive referral program where we pay you commissions for promoting SwiftReg services.

Every time someone clicks a link on your website  and continues to purchase a product you earn a commission on the sale.

This allows you to earn passive income without any cost to you.

No matter which industry you are in, you can now reaching a broader audience by offering more services online.

How much do I make per sale?

Swiftreg pays 20% of the GP per sale.

As Swiftreg has multiple products, and each product may not necessarily be done inhouse, we pay our commissions directly linked to our gross profit.

Its as simple as this.  Every sale makes you money, and you dont have to do the work, nor manage the staff 


What are the Benefits?

1. Passive Income

You can earn passive income by promoting our services without having to create their own service nor manage the customer. Small accounting and legal firms can effectively outsource their entire company secretarial division and earn passive income for doing so.

2. Low Risk

This program is low risk because you don’t need to invest a lot of time or money upfront.

3. Flexibility

Affiliates can select the SwiftReg services which work best for them.

4. Access To a Variety of Services

Joining the SwiftReg affiliate marketing program can provide access to a wide range of additional services you may not currently offer.

5. Data and Insights

The SwiftReg affiliate dashboard can provide valuable data feedback on number of leads and sales.

6. Training and Resources

Each service has an educational YouTube video linked to the specific service. This resource can educate both the affiliate and the customer.

Overall, the SwiftReg affiliate marketing program can be a great way for affiliates to earn passive income, diversify their income streams, save costs and gain valuable knowledge on the additional services offered.

How it works


The program works seamlessly with your website. (If you don’t have one Swift Cyber Studio can build one for you).


Sign up for the programme and select the service/s you would like to access. Once we have those, we provide the code to link each service to your website. We can offer assistance with this task.


Once the customer has selected a service link on your website, they are directed seamlessly to the SwiftReg site to login in and complete the online application.


If the customer doesn’t complete the sale, the swiftreg call centre will follow up to assist.


For each successful sale the affiliate will receive 20% of the gp of sale.


There are no wholesale, discounts or retail prices, the customers pays the same price swiftreg so the price displayed on the affiliate website is the same as those on the swiftreg website.


All the leads and commissions can be viewed by the affiliate dashboard.

Who should be an affiliate?

Any business owner can become an affiliate; as long as you have a website. The program is ideally suited to accountants, lawyers and business startup companies

How to get started?

Just click on the Start button. You will be asked to log into SwiftReg and select the affiliate option. We will require you bank details in order to pay the commission.